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Chapter 2:

In Fig. 2.2 (page 24), step f should be “(f) Security control selection and implementation”.

Chapter 3:

Exercise 3.6 (page 42) should be as follows: “Exercise3.6 Apply the guidelines given in Sect.3.2 and define security risk constituents elicited in Exercises 3.1–2.5.”

Chapter 10:

Fig. 10.3 (page 152) should be as follows:


Fig. 10.5 (page 155) should be as follows:

Fig. 10.6 (page 160) should be as follows:

Fig. 10.7 (page 162) should be as follows:

Use of term “constituency” is confused with a term “constituent” (i.e., “a component part of something“):

  • in pages xii, 30-34, 41-44, 75, 115, term “constituencies/constituency” should be changed to “constituents/constituent“.


Cite: Matulevičius R., Fundamentals of Secure System Modelling, Springer International Publishing,  ISBN 978-3-319-61717-6, 2017, 218 pp. URL: